Adult Drivers Education

Adult Drivers Education

Adult lessons are scheduled by appointment only.Please contact us to set up a convenient time, and/or to discuss pricing options; we provide first time driver to refresher's training.

What you need for this class

  • Must be 18 years, or older
  • Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP).
  • Payment for lesson must be received before the lesson.

Be Sure to ask about pick-up and drop-off, and about our several driving packages when you call.

We assure you that the instructor provided through us is both qualified, and accredited. It is illegal to teach driver's instruction classes if you are not accredited by the state of Michigan.

Also, our school is insured. this means that, in the event of an accident, you wont be liable for the damages. Before you take the Road Test, we, along with the secretary of state recommend you read the Road Skills Test Guide.

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