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About Us

Welcome to Sonaar Driving School, where our decade-long commitment to safety, affordability, and inclusivity drives our mission.

Our commitment to safety is unwavering, with certified instructors dedicated to cultivating a secure learning environment.

We believe in making quality driver education accessible, offering affordable programs tailored to your needs. Plus, our diverse team of instructors speaks multiple languages, ensuring that everyone can confidently and comfortably learn the rules of the road.

Join us as we prioritize safety, affordability, and inclusivity on your journey to becoming a skilled and responsible driver in Michigan.


We hope you enjoy the time you spend with us at Sonaar Driving School.

Classroom instruction is very important in assuring your safety and those of others on the road, and our mission is to offer you just that at a more affordable cost. We strive for this through our low prices, flexible schedules, and comfortable setting.

  • Our classes have a 28:1 student to teacher ratio. This ensures our students more time with the instructor. We want our instructors to get to know their students so that they may better identify the areas where the students struggle and help them work towards success.
  • Our teaching material which includes books, CDs and other audio-visual equipment are new, and up to the state standards. Any required classroom materials will be provided by Sonaar Driving School.
  • All our classroom instructors are accredited by the state and have previous teaching experience.


We take our driving instruction very seriously.

  • Our instructors will help each student achieve the required skills needed to pass the test and adapt the training course to match their strengths and weakness.
  • Our classes are targeted to suit the need of each student, and we provide extra training if the need arises. For those with language barriers, we have multi-lingual instructors that can be requested with no extra charge.
  • We have both adult and teen classes with flexible schedules, and instructors who can pick you up from home.
  • Our instructors, are accredited, and are calm and reassuring. We try to make things as easy as possible for our students, so we make our cars available for your road test upon request.